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Texitle/Fabric Laundry Tag

RFID Fabric laundry tag is encapsulated by nylon fabric and built-in RFID chip, suitable for high temperature, high humidity, high-pressure environment. Can be washed and soaked, repeated rubbing, directly ironing, sewing. It is a very thin and durable RFID washable laundry tag which is widely used in a garment factory, laundry, medical logistics laundry, chemical raw materials, and the need of high temperature and wears resistance, corrosion resistance, and other harsh environments.
UHF Textile Laundry Tag, with more than 200 industrial washing cycle times, capable of 60 bar pressure, stable and reliable RF performance.

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More than 200 wash cycles.
Both material and design have been tested for reliability.
100% function tested.


Can customize size for customers.
Soft material.
Smaller module inside the tag.
Can stick under 60 bar pressure.


Industrial washing.
Management of uniforms.
Medical apparel management.
Military clothing management.
Personnel patrol management.


ComplianceEPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Frequency 865~940MHz (Can customize frequency)
Chip NXP Ucode7M / Ucode8 / M730 / Impinj R6P


R6P / Ucode7M:EPC 96 bit User 32 bit
M730 / Ucode8:EPC 128 bit User 0 bit
Yes (EPC)
Data Storage
20 years Lifetime
200 wash cycles or 2 years from the shipping date (whichever comes first)

Material Textile

75mm x 15mm x 1.5mm、
75mm x 12mm x 1.5mm、
70mm x 15mm x 1.5mm、
70mm x 10mm x 1.5mm、
58mm x 15mm x 1.5mm
Storage Temperature -40℃~ +85 ℃
Working Temperature -25℃~ +110 ℃
Storage Humidity 5%~95%

Operating Temperature

1) Washing: 90℃(194οF), 15 minutes, 200 cycles
2) Pre-drying in Tumbler: 180℃(320οF), 30minutes, 200 cycles
3) Ironer: 180℃(356οF), 10 seconds, 200 cycles
4) Sterilization Process: 135℃(275οF), 20 minutes, 200 cycles
Mechanical Resistance Up to 60 bars

Installation way

Sewn type: sewn in roll edge, or installed in woven label sleeve
Ironing type: in 218℃@18 seconds and 0.6~0.8MPa pressure hot installation, or sewing installation (please contact the original factory to understand the detailed installation method before the above installation)

Delivery format Single

Weight ~ 0.7g
Package Anti-static bag and carton
Color White
Power Supply Passive
Chemicals Normal common chemicals in the washing processes
RoHS Compatible
Read distance
Up to 5.5 meters (ERP=2W)
Up to 2 meters ( With ATID AT880 handheld reader)
Polarization Linear
Optional Surface laser marking serial number or TID number, pre-write code, pre-encryption

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