Fujian RFID Solution is the China leading manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience for RFID wristbands, NFC wristbands, etc. RFID silicone band is an ideal solution for access control, cashless payment, fitness club, identification, festival, etc. Even when you put an RFID band into a harsh environment such as immersion in water for a long time.

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Dimension: Dia 77mm
Material: Soft plastic
Available crafts: 1. Full color printed or customized

2. 2. logo printing, laser number, UID, encoding, QR code printing, make excel file, etc

Features of chips: 1. Low frequency: 1-5 cm, with small memory, widely applied in animal tracking, parking system, etc.

2. High frequency: 2-10 cm, with big memory, is widely applied in various fields.

3. Ultra high frequency: 1-10 m, the most sensitive, easy to be affected by humidity, dust, temperature, etc

Application : Festival, event, vocal concert, party, campaign, entrance ticket, etc
Model SJ004

The RFID bracelet is a type of smart RFID card that can easily be worn on the wrist. The wristband electronic tag USES environmentally friendly silicone material, wear comfortable, and the appearance is beautiful, has decorative sex. It can be divided into disposable wristbands and reusable wristbands.


Access Control and Security
RFID contactless technology is rapidly gaining adoption in physical access control and other applications due to its key benefits over other access credential technologies. Data security can be greatly increased with the use of security encryption keys based on tag UID numbers, which also reduce the possibility of duplicating credentials. Secure or proprietary communication protocols can also be used to further enhance security.

Cashless Point of Sale

The convenience of Smart Wrist Band provides easy spending opportunities at multiple locations including food and beverage outlets, gift shops, vending machines, and business service centers. Security is also enhanced. Unlike debit cards, Smart Wrist Band is a non-transferable, secure credential that prevents unauthorized access to a spending account.

Customer Loyalty and VIP Programs

Repeat customers and VIPs are important to any business. Take advantage of the benefits that RFID can provide to further distinguish these important guests while creating opportunities for increased spending and improved customer service.

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