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Silicone Laundry Tag

RFID silicone laundry tags with a new industrial design provide better performance in high-pressure dehydration and ironing. RFID Silicone Laundry Tag adopts the most advanced UFH (UHF) tag technology, support long-distance bulk read, read the accuracy of 100%, can significantly improve the washing process, more accurate high efficiency to complete the delivery, acceptance, logistics tracking, and inventory management, significantly improve the work efficiency, reduce labor and labor time, to realize low-cost high-efficiency management.

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The UHF technology can be used to read hundreds of labels at a time
The reading distance is more than 6m
The use of new industrial design, which has better reading performance on textiles
Low cost, high efficiency, and durable, suitable for washing, dry cleaning, ironing, etc.
Be applied for the high-pressure dehydration environment of 60 bar
Be applied for the high-pressure sterilization and disinfection
Be applied for the international standards “ISO/IEC 18000-3 and EPC Gen2”

Small soft elastic materials are responsible for the textile, fur, clothing and accessories, etc Non-magnetic material, can be used in the medical field
100% non-magnetic. It can be used in the medical field
Obtain the product certification that meets the requirements of MRI equipment, and can be safely used in MRI equipment of 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla

Efficient processing – UHF technology improves communication performance by reading hundreds of tags at a time – reducing labor costs associated with bar codes or HF RFID tags, providing cost-effective management
Soft and durable – suitable for short time-continuous high-pressure dehydration, ironing, and other washing environments

Accurate reading – reading a large number of labels and the low failure rate can accurately and conveniently complete inventory management
*1: general industrial washing conditions, 40bar high-pressure dehydration
*2: dry cleaning conditions: maximum 10 minutes per time (washing); 30 min/time (drying)
*3: 60bar high-pressure dehydration washing conditions, 100 cycles
*4: Labels have been tested 10 times under strict test conditions specified in JIS L0856
*5: 80 cycles or more, depending on conditions in a pressurized chamber

Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C or EPC Gen2
Chip: Monza 4QT 902-928MHz
Size: 55(W)x12(D)x2.5(H)mm Weight 2.1g
EPC 128bit User Memory 512bit
Label Installation Method: Sewing, hot pressing paste, bagging

Working Life: Cycle washing/dry cleaning 200 times, or 3 years from factory shipment, whichever comes first (*1)
Failure rate: 0.1% (not including discoloration, bending, deformation, etc., under normal use)
Washing way: Water washing, dry cleaning (*2) (polyethylene, hydrocarbon solvent)
Resistance to high-pressure dehydration pressure: 60 bar (*3)
Resistance to water: waterproof
Anti-chemical: Detergent, softener, bleach (oxygen/chlorine), strong alkali (*4)
Anti-autoclave: 120℃, 15-20 minutes 130℃, 5 minutes (*5)
Heat resistant: Dry/iron 200℃ (within 10 seconds, there is mat isolation between the iron and the label when ironing)
Temperature/humidity: operation -20 ~ 50℃, 10~95%RH safekeeping -30 ~ 55℃, 8 ~ 95%R

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