For PVC RFID Wristbands RFID Functionality. Our PVC RFID wristbands are made from waterproof PVC, come in different sizes and shapes with an NFC, 13.56 MHz, or UHF chip. Read distances vary from 10-20 cm depending on reader and chip. Plain or Branded. Our PVC wristbands come in solid colors and can be customized with a logo to suit any RFID application where a cheap disposable RFID wristband is needed.

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Size: 248*25*15mm
Model PVC001
1. Access Control
2. Work-In-Progress Tracking
3. Tool Management
4. Inventory Control.

The most popular HF (13.56 MHz)chips ISO14443A The most popular LF (100-150 KHz)chips
Chip name Memory Chip name Memory
FM11RF08 1K Byte TK4100 Read only
MF S50 1K Byte EM4305 512 bit
MF S70 4K Byte T5577 363 bit
Ultralight EV1 384-bit or 1024-bit HITAG 1 2K bit
Ultralight C 1536 bits (192 bytes) HITAG 2 256 bits
MF Plus 2 or 4 Kbytes HITAG S256 265 bit
MF Desfire 2Kbytes, 4Kbytes, 8 Kbytes HITAG S2048 2048 bit
N-tag 213/215/216 144, 504, or 888 bytes


100pcs per bag, 10-50bags per carton.
Production time:
1. Ready-stock sample order: within couple days after payment arrived.
2. Custom-made sample order: 5-12 working days according to the sample details.
3. Formal Order: 7-15 working days according to quantity.

Fujian RFID Solution Co., Ltd. Is committed to the development, design, and production of the RFID wristbands, RFID tags, RFID labels, and smart cards, etc. We provide all kinds of labels for big tenders through domestic system integrators and trading companies, such as the new retail of self-service supermarkets, library management, logistic tracking, warehouse management, and so on.
We can customize various types of RFID NFC stickers, tags, cards in different shapes, sizes, chips, materials, glues, printing, encoding, etc. to meet customers’ different using environments. With the strong customization ability, customers are happy with our personalized services.
Our export experience is rich, the overseas sales are professionally trained in foreign trading, business skills, and RFID knowledge. Our attitude of 24/7 and enthusiasm will satisfy you very well, looking forward to being your long-term good partner.

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