One common type of RFID wristband features a hard plastic chip or some kind of enclosure that gives them a distinct look. In reality, they serve to protect the RFID tag inside. Some RFID wristbands do not have a hard plastic piece and instead look just like vinyl or plastic wristbands from a distance. When you touch these wristbands, however, you’ll notice almost right away that they feel slightly thicker.

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RFID Identification Nylon Bracelet

1. Eco-friendly silicone material
2. Different band length
3. Different color

Product Specifications:

Product Nylon RFID wristbands
Material Food Grade Silicon
Color Blue/ red /black/ white/ yellow/ grey/ green/ pink,etc
Function Tracking,Identification,Management,Collection,Access control
LF chip (125KHZ) TK4100,EM4200,EM4100,EM4305,T5577,etc
HFchip(13.56MHz) FM11RF08, S50, S70, N213/216,etc
UHF chip (860MHz960MHz) ALIEN H3, M4, etc
Operating temperature -50℃~210℃
Application Gym, cold store, outdoor, indoor, Access control, amusement park, party
Printing craft Debossed,Embossed,Silk,Laser,Barcode,QR code.
Size Dial: 37*40mm

Band: 265*14mm

Model NL007

Main Features:

– Watch type RFID wristband, soft, flexible, easy, and comfortable wearing
– Waterproof, weatherproof, quakeproof, high-temperature resistant
– Reading Range: 1~5cm (depend on the power of readers)
-Working Temperature: -50°C~210°C


– Popular in Hospital, especially for mother and babies’ care
– Swimming pool
– Hot Spring Hotel/Spa
– Refrigeration houses and fieldwork etc.
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