RFID wristbands are waterproof, moisture, shock, as well as resistant to high temperature, can be adjusted, easy to wear, easy to use.
RFID Wristband is widely used in the swimming pool, cooling library, waterproof inspection, field operations, etc. very wet environment, even in water for a long time, all can normally work under bad circumstances.

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1. With three characteristics: waterproof, moisture, shock; As well as resistance to high temperature.
2. The adjustable type wrist strap, easy to wear, easy to use.
3. Built-in contactless chip, can provide low-frequency chip (125 kHz) or high-frequency chip (13.56 MHz).
4. It can be silk-screen printing, laser printing, Epoxy Embossing, bulk order can be specified the color.
5. Double-frequency chip can be built-in (customized).

Work Frequency: 125KHZ / 13.56MHz
Chip: TK4100 / FM11RF08
Reading Distance: LF/HF (2-10cm), UHF (up to 15m)
Dimensions: 235 * 17 (mm)
Thickness: 3 ~ 6 (mm)
Data storage time: 10 years
Material: Silicone
Normal color:  Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black
Customized Color: YES (MOQ:100PCS)

The Optional chip type is as below:

Available Chips
125Khz TK4100, EM4200, EM4102, Temic5577, Hi tag 1, Hitag2, HitagS256, HitagS2048 etc.
13.56MHz FM11RF08, NXP Mifare1 S50, NXP Mifare1 S70, Mifare1 Ultra light, Mifare1 Ultra light-C, I-code 1, I-code SLI, Ti2048, Ti256, Legic mim256 etc.
860~960Mhz Most ISO18000-6C chips available.
The Optional Printing for Logo or Number:
– Laser printing
– Silk-screen printing
– Epoxy Embossing


1. Widely used to open the Storage Cabinet in the Swimming Pool, Shopping Mall, Supermarket, Sauna Room, Hot-Spring Hotel and so on.
2. Used to charge Bus, Metro, etc. to instead of the Tickets.
3. Used in the Game Club or Bowling Center instead of the Member Cards.
4. The Cooling Library, Waterproof inspection, Field operations, etc.
Package: 50 or 100 pieces per bag, 1000pcs or 2000pcs per carton, it is based on the quantity you ordered!

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