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Cable Tie Tag/Seal Tag

RFID Zip Ties or Cable Ties have a million uses. Different countries have different names called, They are called cable ties, zip ties, nylon straps, wire ties, cable organizers, cable tie fastener, tie wraps, and so on. They are commonly used to bundle electrical cables but can be used for many other things. Great for automotive uses, construction, on the farm, and should be a requirement for every toolbox. Great for temporary fixes as well as permanent installations.
Embedding an RFID chip inside a cable tie, using it for management of cables, plants, fund sources, etc. With data inside the chip detected with an RFID reader and transmitted to the system to control the information that you needed. That small RFID hardware we call it RFID cable tie tag.

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1. Easy to fasten
2. Durable, Highly visible, waterproof, Anti-corrosion
3. One-time use
4. Faster data collection
5.Various customization:color,dimension,printing logo/numbers

* Strong anti-fouling and anti-damage, work for a long time
* High security, large capacity of writable information
* No contact, no need to be visible, fully automatic identification
* It can identify multiple tags at the same time at a long distance, saving time and effort.
* Anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, tracking

Material ABS+nylon
Size 330*30mm;448*28mm;328*30mm;330*79mm
Surface Finishing Glossy/Matte/Frosted/Transparent
Frequency 860-960 MHz
Protocal ISO18000-6C
Chip UHF: Alien H3, Ucode, Monza 4, etc
Memory 128bits
Reading or Writing Distance 1-10m, depends on the reader and environment
Personalization Serial number, barcode, QR code, encoding, etc
Shipment By Express, by air, by sea

RFID Nylon Cable Tie Tag can be widely applied .such as :

1. assets management
2. Tracking of goods
3. Tracking of persons and animals
4. Toll collection and contactless payment
5. Machine readable travel documents
6. Smart dust (for massively distributed sensor networks)
To make sure cards can be delivered without any damage, we use top standard packaging. All Paper boxes and cartons are made of high-quality material.
For standard size :
Inner Box: 440*100*40mm, 500 pcs /box, 3kg
Outer Carton: 460*130*110mm, 1000 pcs/carton, 6kg
7. Tracking sports memorabilia to verify the authenticity
8. Airport baggage tracking logistics

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